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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The "Susie Tree" Family Portrait Shoot

Family Shoots are some of the most rewarding, interesting and fun of all the different types of shoots I've had the privilege to photograph. I love watching generations interact and being able to experience the moment with them.   When the family are long-time, dear friends and you've watched the family tree grow and branch out, it's all the sweeter.

Susie, Danika, Myriah & the gang are a close-knit family (full of fun and feisty), and were up for anything on our trip to Nelson's Landing. The teasing, cajoling, directing, consoling and loving from mother to child, grandmother to grandkids and even throwing the occasional son-in-law (you're awesome, Casey), in there made for a really fun and memorable session. We worked on everything from serious to silly portraits and even taught grandmom what "photo bombing" is! (What a hoot!)

Family portraits are priceless, not only for our generation, but the many to follow us. They give us a sense of the personalities and closeness of the family. It doesn't hurt that today's portraits don't have to be the same old stuffy poses from the days of yore (really, "yore"?) Well, you get it. It's an important part of my creative process to have fun while you're creating.  When the "I don't like cameras" wall comes down, you get to see the real people and record the real family. That happens when everyone is having fun!

Thank you to the "Susie Tree" for being so wonderful and inviting me to share in this moment with you. Love you!

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